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Nicotine Strips are an aid for patients that wish to quit or cut back on smoking. Patients also buy Nicotine Strips to help quit or cut back on chewing tobacco. All contain nicotine, which alleviates physical cravings for cigarettes. Though relatively rare, some brands include other ingredients as well, usually designed to help alleviate psychological withdrawal symptoms to some extent.

In general Nicotine Strips produce few side effects and are considered safe for any adult who would otherwise be smoking, but individuals who have serious health conditions---particularly relating to the mouth, throat, or cardiovascular system---would do best to check with a doctor before buying Nicotine Strips. Also check with a doctor before use if under age 18; effects on still-developing bodies aren't entirely clear.

Most Nicotine Strips are available without a prescription.

Treatment Overview

In most cases each Nicotine Strip contains enough nicotine to equal one full-flavored cigarette. Most strips can be halved or quartered if patients desire smaller doses.

The exact method used to quit varies to some extent by brand. In most cases patients start replacing the occasional cigarette with a strip, gradually increasing to more and more until no cigarettes are smoked at all. Use of Nicotine Strips should also diminish, lagging a bit behind cigarettes. Some patients are able to quit completely in 3 months, though others take 5-6 months.

If buying Nicotine Strips that contain enough nicotine to replace a single cigarette, no more than 24 should be administered in a 24-hour period. Brands that contain more or less nicotine will have their own requirements. Patients should check the manufacturer instructions or follow doctor instructions. Too much nicotine can have serious consequences.

Withdrawal Effects

Patients should have a personal desire to quit or cut back before buying Nicotine Strips, as this will help tremendously in overcoming withdrawal symptoms.

The nicotine found in Nicotine Strips helps significantly in reducing the physical craving for cigarettes. However, there are numerous other chemicals found in most cigarettes (and chewing tobacco) which Nicotine Strips may not address. There are also psychological factors associated with tobacco use, and other habits, such as physically holding a cigarette, that can also be difficult to overcome.

Withdrawal symptoms diminish on their own within a few weeks of quitting, and patients who are using Nicotine Strips and are determined to quit can usually manage them. A doctor may also be able to suggest other medications that can help in severe cases.

Aside from buying Nicotine Strips there are other things patients can do to help break habits, such as avoiding activities in which one usually smokes. There are an abundance of such tips on the internet if interested.

Adverse Reactions

The majority of side effects associated with Nicotine Strips are few and mild, including:

  • Mild throat discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Hiccups
  • Difficulty sleeping

Most patients who buy Nicotine Strips will not have any significant side effects. Among those who do experience side effects, in most cases they'll stop occurring after a few days of Nicotine Strip use. If side effects become severe or persistant past the first couple weeks of treatment consult a doctor or consider alternative treatments.

As mentioned above individuals with any major medical conditions would be wise to speak with a doctor before using Nicotine Strips. Strips are unlikely to be considered more dangerous than smoking or chewing tobacco, however, both of which increase risk of damage to the mouth, heart, blood vessels, lungs, and other systems. Quitting or cutting back reduces this risk, which can improve health in a number of ways.

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